Friday, 4 January 2008

The second princess

font Hiawyn Oram and tony Ross This story is about two princess the first princess and the second princess the first princess was plaesed being first but the second one day the second princess looked far and near she looked eveywere first she looked in the wood's she found the grey wolf the second princess said can you gobble my sister up i want to be first tnen the wolf said goodness gracious me what didyou just say oa it dos't mater ok and of she went by by yasmin

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Class P said...

Oh man, that second Princess sounds so evil, trying to get a wolf to eat her sister!!!
This is a great post, filled with details. I really like the way you have used dialogue to interest the reader.
In your next post think about using commas and full stops to slow the reader down so they can think more about what you are saying.
Well done Mr Lea.