Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Witches by ROALD DAHL.

This story is about a little boy.He lived with his parents.Every chrismas he went to his grandmas house in Norway.Grandma told him stories about witches.She told him that witches have wigs,bold heads and blue spit.One chrismas the boys parets died in a car crash he survived.He had to live with his grandma.A man in a black suite said" you need to go to England."So they flew back .Grandma told the boy there are witches in England.Grandma wantedto go to Norway in the summer.But she was ill.So they stayed in a hotel.There was a meeting with the RSPCC.They were actully witches they wanted to wipe out the children in the world ,with a special formula called 86 mousemaker formula.The grand high witch gave the formula to the boy and he changed into a mouse.Grandma and the boy had a plan,it was to put the formula in the witches soup, and then they will turn the witches into mice. The witches turned into mice and there was no witches in England.Grandma and the boy mouse went back to norway happily.

This is the longest story that I have read.I enjoyed it because it was imagntive.I like the Grand High witch because she made the formula.I like the part when
the witches change into mice.
Get the book and start reading!!!!!!!!


Class P said...

ro munnaan
This is a lovely story well done.

from ameera

Mr Lea said...

This is a fantastic review Munnaan, well done.
I espsecially like the way you have given us lots of well planned details to tease our minds. You have also told us your own opinion about the book, which is very important.
I look forward to your next review.
Thank you.