Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Trouble with Anteaters - David Sutherland

This book is about Max and his pet Lenny who is a anteater. They are best friends. The problem is that Lenny eats ants.

Firstly he eats Julie's pet ant farm and breaks the glass at the school pet day.
Secondly he licks and Zapps the fly off the Vicars nose who had come for tea. The tea falls all over the Vicars legs.

Both times Max and Lenny get into trouble.
Max's dad wants Lenny to go back to the Zoo.
At the end Lenny gets to stay because he stops the burglar from getting away.

My favourite part of the story was when Lenny beats up the burglar and sits on him.
My favourite character is Lenny the anteater because he kisses everyone.

This was a funny book to read.

By Haidar Khaliq


Mr Lea said...

I can see from your review that you really enjoyed this book. I liked the way you set out the plot details, choosing really interesting parts from the story. I also liked the way you finished the review with your own opinion.
Well done.

Us Lot said...

I like your story Haidar it is really nice well done

Us Lot said...

I really enjoyed your review Haidar it was wicked!

TamanduaGirl said...

Nice review. Sounds like fun book.