Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Night Pirates

This is a story of a boy called Tom. Tom was a nice little boy. Tom was a brave little boy. Tom was a little boy about to have an adventure. But there were people stealing the front of Tom's house. Rough tough little girl pirates. With their own pirate ship. Then Tom said ''oh please can I come abord''! And did the girl captain say, ''Certainly not your only a boy''! Oh no not at all ! Instead she roared ''Welcome sea's. But where were they going? To an island. Where Captain Patch and his crew were soozing, and snoring. Then Tom came and took the treasure. After he sailed back home and went to bed. THE END!

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Mr Lea said...

This is a great review Sana, well done.
I loved the way you used details from the story with dialogue to keep the reader interested. This is one of my favourite stories and your review is excellent.
In your next review make sure you give your opinion, did you like the tale? what interested you? did you have any favourite bits?