Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Ugly Duckling

This is the story about a ugly duckling , and all the animals and people said "GO AWAY!" and when he grew up he was a beautiful swan.

Once upon a time there was seven duck eggs.Then the eggs hatched , six ducklings looked beautiful and one was ugly."You are so ugly " said the mother duck,"GO AWAY.'' The ugly duckling saw a cow. "You are so ugly" said the cow,''GO AWAY.'' The ugly duckling saw a cat.''You are ugly'' said the cat GO AWAY.'' The ugly duckling saw a rabbit .''You are ugly'' said the rabbit,''GO AWAY.''The ugly duckling saw a boy.''You are ugly'' said the boy,''GO AWAY.''The ugly duckling saw a girl.''You are ugly''said the girl,''GO AWAY.''The ugly duckling was alone.He was very upset. One day, the ugly duckling saw some pretty swan's.''Look in the water,'' said the swan's.''You are beautiful''said the swan's.''Come with us beautiful swan.'' And he did. The end

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Mr Lea said...

Samira, this is a great retelling of the story well done. But, I want to know more about why you chose this story for your review. What do you like/dislike about the tale? Why is it a special story for you?
I look forward to your next post!