Saturday, 31 May 2008

Monday, 19 May 2008

The Ox Challenges The Dragon

One cold day there were two different animals who lived together in a lovely castle. One was a brave and honest dragon and the other was a strong but stubborn Ox. To put an end to their arguing, they decided to have a wrestling match.
The Ox grumbled, 'I challenge you fat dragon to a fight and the winner gets to keep the money and the castle.' The dragon agreed and the match started. The dragon was in the lead by slapping the Ox with his tail. Then the dragon chokeslams the Ox, which was very painful for the Ox.

Finally the dragon sat on the Ox and blew fire on him. The dragon won the challenge. The Ox laid injured, hot and burnt.

The dragon bravely went into his castle and closed the door behind him with his long green tail and lived happily ever after.

Author - Haidar Khaliq.

Monday, 5 May 2008


Whales live in the north Atlantic and the north Pacific oceans.Whales are the biggest animal that have ever lived on the planet.The blue whale is the biggest whale.There are lots of kinds of whales.Whales are not big fish they are big mammals.Whales can see underwater in a different way.Whales are in danger because chineese people, like to catch whales and eat them.Whales eat different animals in the ocean that make it a carnivore.Whales are not orange, pink and purple they are only blue a killer whale is white and blue.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Mr. Robot bottom

Mr. Robot bottom took Arrish into his office and said if you spy and tell me what Mrs. Riffern does so I can tell the govenment that Mrs. Riffern that she is bulling me and other people. If you do you get to be incharge of me and get extra play time for the rest of this year. If you don't you will have to eat a real life worm and slug I have offer you a chance to do that do you take this offer? I said no Mr. Robot bottom screemd as loud as a elephant's trunk horning.Mr. Robot bottom said" why did you say no it shated me.

Mr. Robot bottom

The day I got in trouble

One day Miss Smith told me to lie to the headteacher that my cousin kicked me near my face. Miss Smith said that if I tell the headteacher that my cousin kicked me then I could do what ever I want. I said no because that's lying. Then she decided to punish me for not listing to her.For my punishment I had to tidy the classroom every playtime.



mrs.wort.bottom tells me to make mrs.Lovely leave and if i get to do that i will get every thing i want but she tells me to tell the goverment and i say NO ;WHAT;. THEN I get punnished and i can't play with anyone and anything caching a

Mr. Robot bottom

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Mr blue bottem.

Mr blue bottem wants to rule the school and kicks out every nice teacher. So Mr blue bottem says to Millie that "can you do a faver Millie can you go to kenliving stone and fire mrs shark bite and you will be the next precedent" but Millie refuses to
mr blue bottem. So he he gives Millie a puneshment of doing pushupes

ideas book

Mr Chainy says that I Have to tell Mr Kindly you the worst libarian ever in the world
and for your reward tou will take the whole libaray in i say. My punishiment will be scrubing the whole intier Libaray.alsomy punishiment is that I have to do push ups all day long every day.After a week i get fed up and i tell the Local Council.and she gets kicked out of the country.

Ideas book

Mrs evil want's mrs kindness to leave the school ,but I say mrs kindness will be mean to all the people in the school so mrs kindness will not leave the schoool. But mrs evil says "if you be very mean to every person in this school i will kick myself out off the school but will you be mean to everyone in this school and she says "no i will not be mean".