Saturday, 5 January 2008

Iggy Pig 's Snowy Day

This story is about a pig called Iggy pig when he got out of bed he look out of the window he though the farmyard has taken it. His mother came rushing to his room. His mother said what a funny little pig you are. The farmyard hasn't bean taken it is there but i cant see the haystack is there. But it is covered in snow. Iggy pig heard a knock on the door Iggy pigs mother opened the door but there was now one there mother pig didn't see the greedy gray animal snick behind the wall. Iggy pig saw footprints so Iggy put his scarf on,then he put his jumper on.Iggy pig follow the he saw his friend chick.chick ask if you want a snowball fight.Iggy pig said not know.
read the book to find out the ending


Mr Lea said...

This is a great review Arrish, well done. I like the way you have described different parts of the tale but left the ending out of your review so that other readers can go and discover what happened.
In your next review make sure you stop and read your ideas as you are writing. This will make sure that your ideas are easy to read and understand by all readers.

Us Lot said...

lackshana said...........
this is a good. you can read this very well.i think this is intersting i would like to read this