Saturday, 12 January 2008

The High Way Man

He did not come in the morning

He did not come at noon; And out the golden sunset, before the rise 'o' the moon,When the road was moving ribbon,looping the purple field A red coat group came- stomping -stomping -spomping- King Georeg's men came walking up to the old hotel.


Mr Lea said...

Sana, this is absolutely perfect, what a great piece of writing. When I read this it makes me feel nervous thinking about what might happen next. I also think that the way you have used language patterns in this piece is excellent. Your description of the setting is very detailed.
Keep up this great work.

Us Lot said...

Ameera and millie said...

that a good story keep it up you
are in maltilda ateboles and
hazle do more though.

love ameera and millie!!!