Friday, 4 January 2008

Eco-Wolf and the Three Pigs

I read this book in the holidays and I got it from the library. The story is about a wolf who is eco-friendly and there is three bad pigs called Megadad, Greedypig and Grabbit. The pigs want to build homes on the beautiful countrside and Eco-wolf is furiuos. He blows their homes with his huff and puff! Eco-wolf is angry and sad because the three bad pigs are spoiling the land. In the end, Eco-wolf makes the three bad pigs plant more trees and then they leave, he stops them from destroying the land and everyone is happy. I enjoyed this story because it made me laugh and it was funny. It was good because the wolf was actually the good character and the three pigs were bad, that is why I liked it and the pigs are dressed funny like gangsters!



Class P said...

This is an excellent post. A great review, well written and full of interesting details. I would love to read this book after reading your review.
Well done, Mr Lea.

Class P said...

You have done your storty nicely very.

Us Lot said...

to millie this is a wicked story
well done