Saturday, 5 January 2008

Noisy Train

Noisy Train was very noisy. When Noisy Train saw Sheep and Sheepdog, all the time Noisy Train would blow his whistle, Sheep and Sheepdog got really crossed. They said Noisy Train to not to blow the whistle.Noisy Train stopped blowing the whistle. Sheep and sheepdog were pleased.The next day Noisy Train saw the lambs were on the track.The Noisy Train flashed his lights and puffed out steam. But Sheep and Sheepdog did not come. He had to blow his whistle. Sheep and Sheepdog came and got the lambs off the track. Then Sheep and sheepdog said we are glad you are a Noisy Train. Then he blew his whistle every day.

by calan.

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Mr Lea said...

This is a good retelling of the story Calan, well done.
In your next review make sure you share with the reader your opinion about the book, I would like to know what you really thought about the tale.