Sunday, 20 July 2008

Rylan And The Trip To Mauritius

Once upon a time there was a boy called Rylan. He lived with his mum and dad and his 3 big sisters and only one brother. In ther family there was only 2 brothers and 3 sister. My brother was called Calvin and he was 12 years old. My 3 sisters were call Clair, Maria and Lisa. And also Rylan was 7 years old. Our mum and dad said that we are going to go on holiday for 20 weeks. So Maria said what countrie are we going to and my mum said Mauritius. So everyone started packing all there things. When everyone finished packing there things up we had to walk to the ilford train station and also we lived in ilford. When We all got to the train station I started Sitting on Maria's lap beacause there was not enough sseet's in the ilford train. We had to travel from ilford to British Airways station. When we got to the Airport the British Airways plane could only carry 500 people. So I had to sit on Maria's lap again. It took two days to get to Mauritius and 12 hour's. When we arrived we had to walk 45 miles to get our flat. When we got in our flat there was only one bed that my mum and dad could sleep on. So me my 3 sisters and my brother all had a pillow fight and I won all the fights that me my three sisters and my brother had. In the night me my three sisters and my brothe had too sleep on the floor. During the night I woke Lisa up to to go out and check what plane we had to go on to get back to England. When Me and Lisa came back to our flat house it was 1:OO In the morning. So all of us went back to the airport and flew back home. When we go there back in our house in England we lived happly ever after in the house with a nice trip to mauritius and this is how my story ends.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

school trouble

once i got sent to the headteacher because i flicked
a pencil so i had to
stay in.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008