Sunday, 6 January 2008

Dick Whittington

This story is about a very poor village boy went to the city and became a rich man.
The boy's name is Dick Whittington.
He went to London, looking for a job and he met a rich merchant there. This rich man made his money by selling things to people in other countries. Poor Dick started working for him. He had a cat. One day Dick's boss said to him, his ship was ready to sail to a faraway country and Dick has anything to send on the ship. Dick gave his cat. The captain of the ship went to a contry, had a rats problem. He sold Dick's cat to the king there. King gave him lots of money and gold. Captain came to London and gave money and gold to Dick. He became a very rich man. Also he became Lord Mayor of London three times.
My favourite character is Dick Whittington.
I like this book because it is very interesting to read.
By Calan.

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Mr Lea said...

This is a great review, well done. I like the way you start by describing the plot and then move to tell us about the bits you really like.
In your next review try to use this skill again, tell us about the plot and then give us your opinion, what you really like, what was important to you.