Saturday, 5 January 2008

Goldilocks and the three bears

Once upon a time there were three bears, they lived in the woods.There was Daddy bear,Mummy bear and Baby bear.One day when Mummy bear made the porridge for breakfast, it was very hot.So they went for a walk so the porridge could cool down.A little girl called Goldilocks was walking in the woods when she saw the three bears house.She knocked on the door but no-one was inside,so she just went inside to look.When Goldilocks came in she saw three bowls on the table and she was very hungry so she tried the big bowl,but the porridge was too hot.So she tried the middle bowl,but the porridge was too cold.So she tried the small bowl and the porridge was just right,then she ate the the porridge.Then she saw three chairs.So she tried the big chair,but it was too hard.So she tried the middle chair,but it was too soft.So she tried the small chair and it was just right,but when she sat down the chair broke!Then Goldilocks was feeling sleepy,so she went up stairs and saw three beds.So she tried the big bed,but it was too hard, she tried the middle bed,but it was too soft. So she tried the small bed and it was just right,then she fell asleep.Then the three bears came back home, and found Goldilocks was sleeping on the baby bears bed. Hearing the noise of the bears Goldilocks ran away through the window.


Mr Lea said...

This is an excellent retelling of the story, well done.
In your next review could you make sure you tell us about your own opinion. What did you like/dislike about the story? What made it interesting? Why did you choose it to review?
Keep up the good work!

Dan Lea. said...
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