Monday, 30 March 2009

A quick message.

Class P,
We have found out that the reason you cant upload your videos at the moment is because our school server is completely full. a new server has been ordered, so in the meantime we will store your files on the Flip cameras. Please do not delete any film you have not yet uploaded. I shall also try and upload some of the films from home.
Keep up the great work,
Mr Lea.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Dear Class P

At the moment we seemed to have a problem getting your video reviews up onto our blog, please check out the book for breakfast blog in the mean tine.

Mr Lea

Friday, 27 March 2009

my best book ever

I have a poem book, In the poem book there are different poems, And my favourite poem is The witch, because at the end of the sentence the words always rhymes, and the poem has interesting words, and good languge. This poem was by John Health-stubbs.

my best book i have ever read

My best book is matilda because it tels me words i hav'nt seen before .matilda s a nice girl but her perants are mean to her.Her mother playes bingo in town far far away.Her father goes to work and her brother goes to school.So nobody is there to look after her. One day when there is nobody at home she makes for her self a plate of pancakes.And she goes to the libery and she loves to read

My best book so far

My best book is rainbow magic because it has lots of fairys that I like and the colours are bright on the fairys dresses.Also in the story there are lots of charters and the charters are Kristy,Rachel, fairys,king,queen and the goblins and also Jackfrost..In the story there are lots problems by Jackfrost.The book is called rainbowmagic because it has lots of rainbows and magic.Thats why I like it.

My best book

My book has lots of poems, my best poem is a poem called monkey, I picked this poem because, I liked the rhyming words, and I also like the funny and interesting words, I like the language too. Its about a monkey, that could jump very high, and the monkey says that no athor animal can jump as high him.

my faivriroute book i have ever read

my faivirout book is charlie and lola becauese lola is realy realy funny and
charlie is so kind to lola and charlie always helps out lola he helps lola
go to bed.

my best book so far

My best book is noisy poems beacause it has funny words that ive not heard before.But the pictures match the words and the words matches the words.

my favriate book i have ever read

This book is called JACK and JILL. It has all my favraite poems in it. The pearsen how made it was called Davey Ogden one of the poems i like it is called Rose are red sometimes if you can not read the you can look at the pitchers and you might no wot is happening and you can understand wot is happening. Davey Ogden . Makes nice poems so then it will be fun for childens. i like the poem they make me feel happy. I love reading books from Amaan

Saturday, 14 February 2009

charlie and lola

Charlie and lola are reading in the librey.

Charlie and
lola are

They on a