Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Highway Man

The wind was blowing the trees and something said "whoooooo!" and it was very loud.
The moon was shining and making scary pictures in the clouds.

One scary person was very very evil, he lived in a haunted house.
Which had lots of mouse.

He was riding his horse all night long, until midnight.
He is the Highway man who wore tight clothes with a French hat and had a sword with Jills and liked to fight.

The Highway man fell in love with Bess and she loved him too.He wanted to save her from her dad who beat her for no reason.

He knocked on her window and the door was locked, he whispered "I will save you, one kiss my boney sweetheart, I will be back in the the morning."

But he did not arrive until night time and saw Bess was dead.
He screamed with his sword and laid in the bed.

The highway gets killed by the army and becomes a ghost and meets his love Bess who is alos a ghost.

By Haidar

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Mr Lea said...

Haidar, this is absolutely perfect, what a great piece of writing. When I was reading through this it made me feel nervous thinking about what might happen next. I also think that the way you have used language patterns in this piece is excellent. Your description of the setting is very detailed.
I think that your work was most effective, at it's best, when you worried less about rhyming patterns and thought more about word choices and descriptions. It was at these parts that I really engaged with the tale.
Keep up this great work.