Saturday, 19 January 2008

Marys secret - David McKee

This story is about a girl called Mary who wants to buy new shoes because she likes the bouncy ones. Dad tells her to save up because they are too expensive.

Mary's mum goes to work and is stuck in alot of traffic that the cars were bumper to bumper. She saves money on petrol because the other cars pushed her along. She buys Mary her new bouncy shoes.

Mary's mum tells Mary to keep a secret on what happened to her mum. But Mary tells Anne her best friend who tells her sister. Her sister tells others in the playground. The secret is spread to everyone. The next morning everyone comes to see the traffic which causes more problems.

The best part of the book was when people were telling the secret to others and not keeping the secret.

I did not really enjoy this book because the story was not very interesting, the author was not very imaginative and it was a very short story.

By Haidar

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Us Lot said...

This is a very good story haidar.From calan