Thursday, 10 January 2008

The highway man

The moon is dark,The sky is black,And the clouds upon the cloudy seas.And the Highway man came riding!-riding!!-riding!!!The Highway man came riding up to the old inn-yard,With a whip knocking on the door,And who a lady should be waiting there,But all was locked and barred;

By Ameerah

He'll wear a black french hat on his forehead.
A bit of lace on his chin.
He'll even wear boots up to his thigh!
And he'll wear a clock in dark red and with golden sparks


Us Lot said...

I like this poem its nice

from Ameerah

Us Lot said...

I like this poem well done Ameerah

Mr Lea said...

Ameerah, this is an excellent piece of work. I like the what you have used some of the original poem and mixed it in with your own ideas.
I think the best thing about this piece is the way you have used language and word choices, the way you are describing things in this poem is excellent and keeps the reader really interested.
Keep up this great work.