Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Twits by Roald Dahl.

There was a husband and a wife and their names were called Mr and Mrs Twit.They always done nasty tricks on each other because they hated each other.Mrs Twit had a glass eye and Mr Twit had breakfast stuck in his beard.One day Mrs Twit put her glass eye in Mr Twits beer. The next day Mr Twitput a frog in Mrs Twits bed.Then Mrs Twit put worms in Mr Twits spageti.Mr Twit then put pieces of wood on Mrs Twits stick and chair and he said to her " I think that you have got the shrinks!"

REad the book to see what Mr Twit does to Mrs Twit and see what happens to both of the Twits.
Roald Dahl used brilliant imagination with the book for children because it was really funny.He made me want to read more and more beacuse I wanted to read more abouth the tricks.Roald Dahhl used creative words when he described the characters.He wanted to pick two horrible people so that the kids would laugh at the tricks.
My favourite part was when Mrs twit flew away when she got tied up to sixty balloons.

It wouldnt be fun if I was part of Mr Twits family because I would be tricked on, and i would see and hear their horrible tricks.
My mum and dad are like them beacuse they do tricks on each other.
I enjoyed the book of The Twits.

by Munnaan


Us Lot said...

to munnaan
you have worked extremley hard


Muhammed said...

excellent imagination munnaan