Saturday, 23 February 2008

In the deep deep dark spookly dark wood the high wayman
came spookly in night He had a french crocked hat
with a sparkle gun and sowrd.
He gidied up to the old inn DOOR!!!!!!!!!!

The blackeyed daughter was platting a red not in her hair.
But who was waiting there!!!!!!!!
It was THE HIGHWAYMAN!!!!!!!!

After the highway man said don't worey I
will be back at moonlight nothing can make me stop.

I will be back tomorrow he said.

tim told the king that he will be back by midenight

so came to the in yard door

bess got tied up and strong saltape on her mouth they hide beside her bed
they WaITED FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The highwayman came and saw bess get dead.

he got his horse up and shouted really loudly like this RAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

and he got shot.
ameera and lois
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Thursday, 10 January 2008

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Us Lot said...

love it ameera

from millie and nathan