Sunday, 3 February 2008

smiley shark

One of my most favourite stories in the escared of his teeth when he smiles because they think he is going to eat them. He is just being smiley and friendly but they dont know that. They keep swimming away from him until one day the fish and sea creatures all get caught by a fisherman in his net. Smiley shark comes to the rescue and jumped out of the water and gleamed at the fisherman with his big pearly white teeth! The fisherman gets quite a shock and drops the net. Then they all become friends and have a big party.
I liked this story because the shark made me laugh and the pictures of the other creatures made me giggle. I have read this book lots of times and think that other people might enjoy it...especially shark fans!!

By Millie Patel, class P


Us Lot said...

Millie I know why you choose this book because you like sharks.It is a good story.
From: calan

Us Lot said...


Us Lot said...

Millie, Ilove your story.

I am a mayonnaise bottle

love SANA xxxx

Us Lot said...

millie you have used your imagination on your story as well and lots of discribing words lots lots of them.

from sana

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Us Lot said...

to millie
i know you chose shark books really great story
your such a good freind
hope you had great holidays

love ameera nazir kiss kiss