Sunday, 3 February 2008

Puss in Boots

This story is all about a poor boy who hasn't got a home and a clever cat.The cat's name is Puss.One day Puss promised his master to help his master to get him a home. Puss said to his master to get some boots for him. The master got some red boots for Puss.Then he says'please get me a bag, master'.His master gave Puss a bag.Puss puts some food in the bag.He puts it down.A rabbit comes up to the bag.The rabbit sees the food.It jumps into the bag to get the food.Puss gets the rabbit.I can give it to the king, he says.Puss goes to the king.This rabbit is from my master, the Marquis of Carrabas, he says.The king is pleased.He likes to eat rabbit.Puss sees some partridges and he did the samething.Puss sees the king again and says this from my master.
One day Puss sees king and the princess coming he said to the master come with me, and you can marry the princess.
If you want to find out how the master married the princess pleased read this book.

There are two main characters in this book.They are master and Puss.
My favourite character is Puss because he is clever and he can do tricks.

from: Calan Mudalige