Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Queen cat - Ann Turnbull

This book is about a girl called Mew Sheri, who lived in Egypt a long time ago. She lived with her two sisters and her dad.

One day the queen cat who lived in the temple of Bastet, the cat goddess dies. Everyone was sad that the queen cat had died. They believed that the spritit of the cat was alive in another cat.

Mew-Sheri wants to find the new queen cat. Her sister Zaita and Riya tell her there are thousands of cats in Egypt.

Mew-Sheri went on a journey with her father. At night time she finds the queen cat at the desert with her kittens.

I enjoyed this book because I learnt alot about the history of Egypt. They had cats as goddesses. They wore different clothes. Egypt is a very hot country because
Mew-Sheri and her dad had to sleep on the roof, as it was cooler there.

This book was very adventurous. I liked the part when she was looking for the cat. It was exciting.

My favourite character was Mew-Sheri because she was very brave just like me. This was a good book to read.

Haidar Khaliq

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