Sunday, 24 February 2008

My Brothers Famous Bottom. By Jeremy Strong

There was a boy called Nicholas. He had a twin brother and sister.His parents had money problems. they didnt have any money.The dad had a lan to sell the family but they all said "NO!!!". The next plan was to make a mini farm> in Their farm they had a goat, chickens and a tortoise.The goat disturbed mr Tugg ( the neighbour). Then Mr Tugg put Nicholas's family on a nuisanc neighbour progame. Nicholas 's family thought they were stars for their mini farm.
A lady watched the programme and went to Nicolas's house, while James was having a nappy change, the woman said "We can use that bum for our nappy advert." So they did and the family became rich.
I like the goat because his name was rubbish and he ate everything.
I like Jeremy strong because he used kid imagination . The book was really funny, he used funny names for the charcaters.He called the twins Cheese and Tomato
If i was Nicholas I would be happy because I would have twins and i would play with the goat and the other animals in the farm.
I felt like nicholas because I feel like I am a slave to my parents.
Read the book it was so funny

by Munnaan


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Us Lot said...

i like the story it is good really good but can you make it more intresting please like vcop it?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammed said...

i liked that munnaaan

Muhammed said...

btw itz me muhammed u kno ur friend omarjee