Monday, 19 May 2008

The Ox Challenges The Dragon

One cold day there were two different animals who lived together in a lovely castle. One was a brave and honest dragon and the other was a strong but stubborn Ox. To put an end to their arguing, they decided to have a wrestling match.
The Ox grumbled, 'I challenge you fat dragon to a fight and the winner gets to keep the money and the castle.' The dragon agreed and the match started. The dragon was in the lead by slapping the Ox with his tail. Then the dragon chokeslams the Ox, which was very painful for the Ox.

Finally the dragon sat on the Ox and blew fire on him. The dragon won the challenge. The Ox laid injured, hot and burnt.

The dragon bravely went into his castle and closed the door behind him with his long green tail and lived happily ever after.

Author - Haidar Khaliq.

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